Album Packaging: Heirwave Music Group

Heirwave Music Group is a Virginia-based record label founded by Pusha-T.

Pusha T reached out to me to help him work on Creative Direction for an unknown artist Named Ant White.

The first idea I pitched was designing the Album Art.
“What does the music look like?” This is the first question I need the answer to. This was the guide for everything else we did creatively.  

We thought very simply about this artist. His name is Ant White, and he is rapping about drugs. The first approach was to simply just be literal as possible. So we created A white ant on a black cover.

The next idea was more conceptual. We asked how we could explore the idea of Ant White invading hip hop.
We then created an ant infestation all over a vinyl record.

The motif of ants started to really unfold creatively. Here are a few of those explorations.