Led by Mike Carson of the 92 Group, I was hired to provide art direction, performance direction, and animation for the final 3 episodes of season one of Netflix's "Rhythm and Flow", from elimination and deliberation looks to artists performances. The show went to become a hit with fans, NAACP award nominated, and the winner, D-Smoke, Grammy-nominated.)

Executive Producers: Jesse Collins, Nikki Boella, Jeff Gaspin, Dionne Harmon
Director: Sam Wrench
Lighting Designer: Cory Fitzgerald
Production Designer: Brian Stonestreet Art Director: John Zuiker
The 92 Group Team: Chris Latouche, Zeno Jones, Omar Rajput
Content: DF Productions, LLC + The 92 Group
Animators: Alex Ness, Mike Carson, and Chris Latouche for The 92 Group / Drew Findley and Dan Efros for DFPLLC
Choreography: Charm La'Donna

Special Thanks to the entire Jesse Collins Entertainment Team & Producers!