Creative Direction

Sean Diddy Combs, 2012-2016

Starting in 2012 I met Sean Combs and started working as his videographer documenting the most personal moments of his life. Soon after, my work expanded and I shifted into the role of creative director. I directed creative development within cross-functional departments to overall tell a holistic, compelling, and influential brand story. I was responsible for all approved creative assets such as photos, commercials, video content, social media content before public release. I Identified trends across various markets including fashion, music, design, social media, and integrated into current and future creative plans and strategies.

I Recruited and led a creative team of photographers, videographers, graphic designers. Additionally I ensured that all creative assets were properly archived and logged.

In 2015 Diddy decided he was about to create a new album titled No Way Out 2, a sequel to his debut album No Way Out. Over the course of 2 years he worked in the studio everyday on new songs, new production, music video concepts, marketing plans, merchandise, graphic design, film ideas and more. I was still working as one of his creative directors at the time creating alongside a multidisciplinary team. The team consisted of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and strategist. During this album it was all about capturing “moments”. Mr Combs as we called him was very focused on documentation. Everything was documented. I really admired how hands on he was with all aspects of the creative process. The focus of my work with Puff was process. Documenting his process was incredible. He could be working on music production with someone like 88-keys and immidiately switch to designing a new logo for his water company Aquahydrate. He used the studio and the music as a driving force to all other creative endeavors. I witnessed how every aspect of his life truly revolved around the music. The music was the heartbeat of Sean Combs. The studio was a playground, a safe space to invite friends and explore new ideas. These moments I was able to capture show all sides of Puff and more importantly allow you to see the softer side of Sean Combs.