Stem Player Commercial Pitch: Yeezy Tech 

Team: Christopher Latouche, Ikechukwu Sharpe, Mustafa Gardizi, Tobe Okocha

Kanye West reached out directly to the CEO of Quantasy & Associates to create a commercial for his new technology The Yeezy Stem Player.

I worked on creating various ideas for the commercial  as well as the User Experience for the Presentation.

( I don’t expect anyone to read all of this.)

We worked in a small team of four. Initially, we started brainstorming ideas in an iMessage chat titled “stem player commercial” Everyone casually began to explore ideas within this thread. This text thread had over 20 concepts for the commercial, and the next question was how do we distill all this type into a more digestible format? 

The initial conversations between The CEO and Kanye were all text-based. Kanye sent pdfs and other documents via text message.

So we thought maybe we do the same. We were questioning if reading long messages via text is more digestible than the same amount of characters in a traditional “deck.” We took the idea of our text thread and turned it into one long pdf to be texted to Kanye’s Phone for him to experience, similar to a text thread.

Our insights told us Kanye uses the internet often, primarily via phone. We wanted to bring the experience of Scrolling with your thumb to Kanye.

Do you want to test it? Here is a link to the jpg.

For optimal experience, download the jpg and text it to yourself, and open in messages. (The was site specific for iphone)
I’m not sure if Kanye used the idea. However, It was fun to go into that brain-space.