Christopher Latouche


Christopher Latouche


Christopher explores the edges. Whether it’s society, business, product design, creativity, or personal growth. He approaches those explorations in a loving manner that brings others along in a compelling mix of boldness and kindness. Through his contagious joy and curiosity for life-- Christopher is the image of play. 

Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Chris is a multi-modal artist working to provoke traditions within film, music, set design, graphic design, and the creation of physical space. Latouche’s quiet, nonconformist nature brings brilliant observations to established creative methods and materials. This outlook, combined with his want to move broader society into new realms of palatability, makes Latouche a constant creator of pure and relevant works that resonate with early-adopter audiences.

As founder of his acclaimed collaborative playground, Gardenforthechildren, a montessori style design studio, Christopher challenges us all to think differently about how we negotiate the lines of work and play. (or how we pursue the play in all things). - 757-535-9506


Norfolk State University, B.A. Mass Communication,(2010 - 2011) 

University of California Berkeley, Graduate Certificate, Content Development + Storytelling (2019 - 2020)