I am Christopher Latouche a film maker, artist, and designer. I've spent the last few years of my life capturing photos and videos telling the stories of artists mastering their craft in the most intimate settings with video, art, and design. Currently I’m experimenting with the UX of learning, to underscore the importance of including diverse, underexposed, and unusual sources of thought. My tools usually include a problem, a camera, a laptop, a cell phone, Adobe suite, Ableton live, scotch tape, a midi controller, a Muji notebook, Spotify, Tidal, red wine, good conversation and a question. Lets collab. chris@christopherlatouche.com 

Clients List


Deleon Tequila


James Fauntleroy

Jason Derulo

Kanye West

Lebron James

Lori Cuisiner

Rick Ross

Revolt Tv

Sean “Diddy” Combs

Shabazz Larkin

The Weeknd


Cell: 757-535-9506
FaceTime: 757-535-9506
Instagram: @videoasfirstlanguage